Industry Experience

Our founders have been in the industry for 10 years, while has been serving clients for four years. Shocked at the industry's hidden charges and misleading nature, our founders launched to provide an honest approach to answering and other virtual office services.

Today, the focus of rests in building long-term relationships with our clients while providing the best service at a great value. Our mission is supported by our dedicated staff members, all of whom work on site at's headquarters.

Honest Pricing

At, we have nothing to hide. Despite a low initial cost, you won't find any hidden fees or long-term contracts. It begins with My Answering's common sense approach to call pricing. Rather than rounding up to the minute on every call, bills only by the second. Hence, instead of racking up charges for brief calls or hang-ups,'s revolutionary billing ensures you pay the price you deserve for only the services you need.

As you look deeper into's honest pricing, you will also notice many included services that the rest of the industry offers only at a premium. We don't apply any extra charges to transmit call data to your company. We don't charge for call time after an incoming call has been patched or transferred.

We don't start the meter until our trained professionals answer your calls. We don't charge for setup or use of your own toll-free number. We don't charge for test calls. We don't make it difficult to bundle only the exact services your company needs. When you add it all up, you will see that's honest pricing represents the best value in the industry.





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Phone: 1-866-870-5810 · Fax: 866-870-5814
5525 South 900 East #330 · Murray, Utah 84117